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M. Ueshiba
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Eli Landau
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Yoav Rosental
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About Me
Hello, Thank you for visiting
I hope you`ll enjoy the stuff here.
My name is Yoav Rosental
and I`m training in "Seidokan Aikido" for a long time
at "Aiki Dojo" in Jerusalem.
My sensei (=teacher) is Eli Landau, he is one of the best aikidoka in Israel and a wonderful teacher,
and I have the privilege to serve as a senior  instructor in his dojo.

Seidokan Aikido
The Spirit of Loving Protection for All Things

I`m learning Torah (and write and edit books and articles)
Radio Amateur (My Call Sign is 4Z9 BEG)
Computing, Web-Designer and Web-Master

Details about my dojo


True victory is victory over oneself

Favorite URLs

Page 2 - A lot of New Mpeg`s Aikido video clips

Page 3 - More New Mpeg`s Aikido video clips

Page 4 - Pics from the 1999 Seminar with Stewart Chan Sensei

Page 5 - The same Pics with Java effects 

Page 6a - Pics from the 2000 Seminar with Doug Wedell Sensei

Page 6b - December 2000 Seminar with Ross Robertson Sensei

Page 7 - Vivo page - Video Clips streaming in real time 

Page 8 - Flash page - Video Clips streaming in real time

Page 8a - My special 'Roll Catching' technique  

Page 9a - New Clips from 2002 Seminar - Techniques 

Page 9b - New Clips from 2002 Seminar - Weapons

Page 10 - New Aikido video Clips of Yoav Rosental 

AikiDojo - Details about my dojo

Kobayashi Sensei - Details about Seidokan Aikido`s founder

Links - Some links to other Dojo`s and Aikido sites

Award`s - Awards and E-Mail`s Sent to the Site

**********Big Sensei's Video's**********
UESHIBA Sensei - Old MPG Clips of O Sensei 

K. Tohei Sensei - MPG Clips of Tohei Sensei

R. Kobayashi Sensei - MPG Clips of Kobayashi Sensei

Eli Landau Sensei - MPG Clips of Eli Landau Sensei 

Gozo Shioda Sensei - MPG Clips of Gozo Shioda Sensei

Morito Suganuma Sensei - MPG Clips of Suganuma Sensei

Steven Seagal Sensei - New Clips of Steven Seagal 

Christian Tissier Sensei - MPG Clips of Tissier Sensei 

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