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Message: 1
Name: Alexis
Email: Morningmac@aol.com
Date: Mon Mar 13 20:19:36 2000
Comments: I've been looking over and studing Aikido for sometime now, and I actually used it for a project which I am about to turn in. I was looking for some web, pictures and I came across your site, and I would like to tell you I found it excellent, ive been back several times, and I'd like to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into this page, show casing the importance and significance of Aikido, it has changed my life for the better, Thanks :o) 
Alexis M. (15 yrs old, American)
Message: 2
Name: Sandi
Homepage: MSN Homepages
Email: home@corp.TalkCity.COM
Date: Sun Nov 21 11:27:25 1999
Comments: Hi there yoav Your homepage is wonderful Yoav! One would never know it was your first time doing a homepage. The mpg is impressive. Thank you so much for sharing your page. 

Message: 3
Name: Michiyo Kobayashi
Email: Aikitiger1@aol.com
Date: Mon Nov 29 17:37:49 1999
Comments: Dear Yoav, Your homepage looks great!!! I'm glad that many of you in Israel have email addresses. I'm looking forward to continuing our communication with you and your dojos. Please take care and stay in touch. 
Sincerely, Michiyo Kobayashi
Message: 4
Name: Larry Wadahara
Homepage: Sidokan Aikido World Headquarters
Email: lwadah@gte.net
Date: Sun Nov 21 13:25:20 1999
Comments: Dear Yoav, Thank you for showing me your web page I really liked the pictures. It looks like a very good job. 
Larry Wadahara
Message: 5
Name: Doug Wedell
Homepage: Seidokan Aikido of South Carolina
Email: wedell@sc.edu
Date: Mon Nov 22 08:15:57 1999
Comments: Yoav, Neat page. I looked at some of the MPGs -- They look good. I am hoping to get a new computer soon and will look to upgrade our page to include Mpegs. 
Best wishes, Doug 
Message: 6
Name: Bill Sosa
Homepage: International Aikido Association
Email: iaasosa@flash.net
Date: Tue Dec 7 18:56:36 1999
Comments: Dear Yoav, Your homepage looks good and I would be more than happy to have you as an Aikido link to my web page. Take care and God bless. 
In Aiki, Bill Sosa
Message: 7
Name: Frank Bieser
Email: frankb@jump.net
Date: Sun Nov 21 12:44:55 1999
Comments: Very nice page. I particularly like your page of mpeg movies on technique. I've been wanting to do something like this for years. 
yours in aiki
Message: 8
Name: Ross Robertson
Homepage: Still Point Aikido
Email: etaison@jumpnet.com
Date: Mon Nov 22 17:50:48 1999
Comments: Greetings! I did look at your web site, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The pictures are wonderful, and there other nice touches as well. I send my best wishes to you and those around you in your aikido community. 
Sincerely, Ross Robertson
Message: 9
Name: Dr. Mark Crapo
Email: drcrapo@attglobal.net
Date: Wed Feb 16 09:16:57 2000
Comments: Hi, great page. I'm the head Seidokan instructor in Michigan. 
We have 3 dojo, the head dojo, Seiwa in Battle Creek, one in Kalamazoo and one in Portage.
Message: 10
Name: Goho
Homepage: Hokushin Shinoh Ryu
Email: hokushin@txc.net.au
Date: Wed Apr 19 07:34:22 2000
Comments: Very nice web-site to visit and hope to see more of these home pages on the web.
Best regards, Shihan Goho
Message: 11
Name: Ron Whittle
Homepage: Internatioal Aiki-Budo Council
Email: Ronnie@swhittle.freeserve.co.uk
Date: Tue Apr 4 20:20:00 2000
Comments: Hi Sensei, I enjoyed your site, it's great!
Please take a look at ours. I've been in the Martial Arts since 1964, and I've still got a lot to learn. I'm a 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu/Budo, 64 years old, and I just can't get enough of it! Ju-Jitsu that is!
Regards, Ronnie.
Message: 12
Name: Ron den Boer
Homepage: Fudoshin Ryu Aiki goshin jutsu homepage
Email: r.rohrer@chello.nl
Date: Sat Apr 22 04:07:08 2000
Comments: Very nice and good informative website.
Keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Ron den Boer (5th Dan) The Netherlands.
Message: 13
Name: Jubei-Kibagami
Homepage: Jubei's Martial Arts Zone
Email: jubei_kibagami@mindspring.com
Date: Thu Jan 13 14:30:50 2000
Comments: "..Great site!! Keep up the good work."
Message: 14
Name: Andrew Crawford
Homepage: Arizona Aikido
Email: Andrew@Evermore.com 
Date: Sun Nov 21 12:22:00 1999
Comments: Thanks for letting us know about your site! I have added a link to your site from our Other Aikido-Related Sites page (http://evermore.com/azaikido/other.htm) and made note of the new link on our Updates page (http://evermore.com/azaikido/updates.html). 
Andrew Crawford 
Message: 15
Name: World Budo Federation
Homepage: WBF
Email: wbfbudo@yahoo.com
Date: Sat Jan 15 13:21:15 2000
Comments: HELLO. We have looked at your home page. It's very nice. 
We offer you to look at ours and to give links each other.
With your sincerely... 
World Budo Federation International 
President fikret KÜÇÜKAKDERE 8Th. Dan Karate 
Message: 16
Name: Sensei Luzi Schaerer
Homepage: Kiriryu Budo Kai
Email: kiriryu@go.to
Date: Mon May 29 23:34:31 2000
Comments: Great site, keep up the good work. Come visit us sometime.
Message: 17
Name: Sunadumari
Homepage: Turboman's Steven Seagal tribute
Email: sunadumari@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Dec 21 13:09:46 1999
Comments: Shalom chafer. I received your link through ICQ. Good site !!!! 
Groeten uit Holland! Turboman/Sunadumari
Message: 18
Name: Mr. Sigil
Homepage: Vordingborg Karateklub
Email: karate@jubiipost.dk
Date: Tue May 30 08:51:59 2000
Comments: It's a very good site with very good photos.
Oss Sigil
Message: 19
Name: Rob van Pelt
Homepage: JUDO - Rob's Judo Site
Email: r.vanpelt@quicknet.nl
Date: Mon Feb 21 19:01:32 2000
Comments: Very good site. It is very informative. Keep up the good work.
Message: 20
Name: rob van leeuwen
Homepage: Rob's Wado Karate Page's
Email: rvanleeeuwen@bigfoot.com
Date: Thu Jul 13 11:17:42 2000
Comments: Een prachtige home page, er goed gemaakt en heel duidelijke om te bekijken. Ik heb er veel plezier aan beleefd. 
Message: 21
Name: John Morley
Homepage: Te Shin Kai Karate
Email: teshinkai@iprimus.com.au
Date: Thu Mar 23 08:03:57 2000
Comments: Congratulations on an excellent page. I have just added your link to my links page, sorry about the delay but I have been offline for a while. 
Keep up the great work and have a great Y2K. OSU!
Message: 22
Name: stephanie m.
Email: buddyka@aol.com
Date: Sun May 14 15:36:59 2000
Comments: I enjoyed your webpage a lot. I've studied Aikido for almost 2 years now. I love seeing all the pictures and clips. Especailly the one's with Chan Sensei because i just recently attended a seminar with him.
Thank you.
Message: 23
Name: Gheorghe Cristian
Email: marina@rdsnet.ro
Date: Sat Jan 15 05:54:27 2000
Comments: A verry beautiful website. I wish I have known about Aikido when I lived in Israel. Now I live in Romania and I'm practicing Aikido for 6 years. I'm having the brown belt (kyu 1).
Thank you! Cristi
Message: 24
Name: Darrell
Homepage: Trick Bustin Azn's
Date: Sat Jan 8 00:30:28 2000
Comments: Nice site. I like the mpegs. Check out my site with mpegs also. 
I have some cool tricks.
Trick Bustin Azn's

Message: 25
Name: Kristy
Homepage: The Martial Arts Zone
Email: kumite2@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 6 21:16:00 2000
Comments: Great site!!! Enjoyed my visit.
Message: 26
Name: Donna
Homepage: Cole Martial Arts
Date: Thu Apr 27 03:36:01 2000
Comments: Nice job on your site.... Thanks for visiting our site as well.
keep up the good work
Message: 27
Name: Maximino Gomez
Homepage: Takeda Ryu Nakamura-ha Budo 
Email: takeda@jazzfree.com
Date: Tue Dec 21 20:09:32 1999
Comments: Nice web , very interesting thinks, an well structured. Congratulations. Maxi
Message: 28
Name: Jackie Atkinson
Homepage: Dragonfly Landing
Email: jandb@netcom.ca
Date: Mon Mar 13 13:31:17 2000
Comments: An excellent web-site, Yoav. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit and an award will soon be on its way to you. 
Sincere good wishes - Jackie
Message: 29
Name: Lindy Jo Jones
Email: lindyjo@geocities.com
Date: Mon Feb 7 14:33:26 2000
Comments: You have put a tremendous amount of work and skill into creating a most enjoyable and informative site for the world to view. 
Thank you.
*warm smile*

Message: 30
Name: Alexis
Homepage: Life With Lexie
Date: Mon Jun 19 15:42:42 2000
Comments: I think your homepage is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your heart with the world.
Wishing you love and happiness in your life now and always,
*Hugs* Lexie
Message: 31
Name: Janis
Homepage: Designs By Janis
Email: kjhall@gte.net
Date: Wed Mar 15 10:36:53 2000
Comments: You have an amazing home on the web... and I've enjoyed my visit. Thank you for your visit to my place... come again
A Great Big WOW

for an... amazing place to visit!

Message: 32
Name: Seewan
Homepage: Seewan's Homepage
Date: Thu Jul 6 23:08:42 2000
Comments: Thank-you for visiting my site and signing my guestbook with the invite to visit yours. I found your site very interesting and enjoyed looking at it all.
Take Care and All the Best.
Message: 33
Name: Henrietta Weiner
Email: henree@pworld.net.ph
Date: Wed Feb 16 11:26:12 2000
Comments: I was very impressed at the quality of your work. 
More power to you!
Message: 34
Name: Bambili
Homepage: Bambili
Email: bambili1@zahav.net.il
Date: Wed Jul 5 10:44:13 2000
Comments: We are visited your site and we really liked it.

Message: 35
Name: Jacques Proulx
Homepage: Québec harbour Port
Email: jacques.proulxvideotron.ca
Date: Sat Feb 19 22:05:55 2000
Comments: Your site is very great and facinated. Atractive, and informative. Congrats.
Message: 36
Name: -=Form@tjee=-
Homepage: Formatjee's fun & linkpages.
Email: formatjee@mail-oostende.net
Date: Mon Mar 20 01:01:01 2000
Comments: I have enjoyed, have the greetings from Belgium and hope to see you soon. Whenever you return this visit, do not forget to leave your link in my linksbook. 
Message: 37
Name: Timan
Homepage: Timan Homepage
Email: timan@tm.net.my
Date: Fri Mar 10 12:51:15 2000
Comments: Nice and quality contain.
Message: 38
Name: Jack and Linda Witt
Homepage: Niteowl's Place
Email: jack_linda@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 30 00:46:38 2000
Comments: Hello Seidokan: Very interesting website that you have created and one you can feel very proud of.
Jack and Linda
Message: 39
Name: Moshe Sheier
Homepage: Hei-Sei
Email: moshe@dsp.co.il
Date: Sat Nov 20 17:33:18 1999
Comments: Hi Yoav, Very impressive ! I like the pictures and the clips very much. Well done. 
Message: 40
Name: Michael Zartman
Email: mzartman@genre.com
Date: Fri Feb 4 17:03:25 2000
Comments: Yours is an impressive Aikido website. I will explore it. I began practicing Aikido in 1977 from Mitsugi Saotome Shihan (American Schools of Ueshiba. My original instructor was Frank Hreha Sensei. Although I have greatly enjoyed Aikido, injuries and business urgencies have made it difficult to practice enough for my body to understand the concepts as much as my mind. 
I thank you for the information.
Message: 41
Name: Yoel
Email: ykozk@netvision.net.il
Date: Fri May 26 17:17:17 2000
Comments: hello to you I am calling from Israel. I can see that you love what you do and I wanted to tell you that as one who know something about this martial art, I wish you success and happiness, may God be with you and may you be peacefull and calm as a tree near calm water. be happy
Message: 42
Name: Opher Donchin
Email: opher@bme.jhu.edu
Date: Sun Oct 31 14:37:23 1999
Comments: Hey Yoav, I visited the site again. You have a lot of new stuff up which is nice to see. It's nice to have a home page.
Message: 43
Name: Gal Cohen
Email: gal@BRM.com
Date: Wed Nov 3 03:35:23 1999
Comments: Hi, Very nice. Try to find someone that can host you with betters machines and bandwidth: it is just tooo slooowww... 
Bye Gal
Message: 45
Name: Jennifer Uyen Nhi
Homepage: Jennifer Uyen Nhi's Dreaming World
Date: Wed Feb 16 17:00:13 2000
Comments: Hi there, Thanks for signing my guestbook, nice page. Keep up the good work.
Message: 46
Name: Judi F.
Homepage: Judi's
Email: judirf@yahoo.com
Date: Fri Apr 28 22:47:22 2000
Comments: Thanks for signing my guestbook and checking out my site, yours is very interesting lots of stuff to look at!
Message: 47
Name: Jacek Hinc
Email: aikihinc@poczta.fm
Date: Sat May 6 18:59:17 2000
Comments: Very good site. best regards from Poznan in Poland for all Israel aikido students Take care
Message: 48
Name: T.M.A.S WebMaster
Homepage: The Martial Arts School
Email: themartialartsschool@hotmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 21 08:40:59 2000
Comments: Excellent website, first of all !
Message: 49
Name: Ron
Homepage: Ron's homepage
Date: Thu May 18 19:14:12 2000
Comments: a very nice site, keep up the good work. 
Message: 50
Name: Nicolaas
Email: inicolaas@yahoo.com
Date: Fri May 5 08:58:26 2000
Comments: Nice site, love the mpegs!
Message: 51
Name: Jürgen Teine
Homepage: My Homepage
Email: Juergen.Teine@t-online.de
Date: Tue Apr 11 08:20:45 2000
Comments: Hello, nice homepage have you here.
Message: 52
Name: Guillermo Horacio Maller
Homepage: Francini Maller
Email: fmtpublicit@infovia.com.ar
Date: Wed Apr 19 20:51:04 2000
Comments: I`m like this page & I`m practice into Argentina in 1994 I hope bakc to training again, with Sakanasi dojo my sensei i`m looking for your web page, & I`m learning english.
bye bye beautiful page. Guillermo Horacio Maller
Message: 53
Name: lloyd d. bianito
Email: lloydbianito@usa.net
Date: Mon May 15 09:41:12 2000
Comments: put more pics and try to improve the links between nations by this art 
Message: 54
Name: Paul
Homepage: Dragon Teakwondo
Email: paullicorish@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Jul 3 13:14:24 2000
Comments: I like your site.
Message: 55
Name: Sensi Doug Ramsey
Email: douglasmramsey@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 5 22:41:34 2000
Comments: Well done.
Message: 56
Name: Steegmans Marc
Email: marc.steegmans@skynet.be
Date: Tue Apr 25 19:51:02 2000
Comments: love it 
Message: 57
Name: Free Guestbook Team
Homepage: Guestbook.nu - Free Guestbooks
Email: guestbooks@3awebcon.com
Date: Thu Oct 28 21:43:20 1999
Comments: Great page, Welcome to our Free Guestbook service.
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