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Awards Presented to Seidokan Aikido Site:
The Seidokan Aikido Site has been honored by receiving the below awards.
You can visit the Award's Site by clicking on the Award Image.
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Oh - definitely - you got it.  I don't know much about Aikido (took a LITTLE bit of Kenpo years ago - the only kata I know is how to sit down - haha),
but it is evident that you know a LOT about great presentation and website glamour.
Congrats - it's yours for the taking.
I am honored by your application - take care.

Bonni Weatherwax

After reviewing your site, we would like to present you with our Spider Award. 
When judging sites we look at overall design, color scheme, ease of use, maneuverability, load time, and theme. We don't give this award out to just anybody, only truly wonderful sites will win.
Congratulations again from all of us at Submission-Spider.com 
Kindest Regards, 
Submission-Spider.com  (Award Staff)
Your site has been chosen as a winner of the SOUTHERN NYTES AWARD OF
ELEGANCE for June 2000. 
This award is not automatic.  All pages that receive this award are viewed. 
I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put into your site. 
Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with me.
Best Regards,
Hi Yoav 
  Congratulations.. I am pleased to present to you my.. Shoot for the Moon
award of Excellence.. 

Great site! Thanks for sharing and making the web a more interesting
place!  (((Hugs)))


Your site has been chosen as a July monthly winner of the Lynx 2000 Award. 
This is indeed an honor, for only twelve sites of all submitted win this award. 

Best of Luck. 
Thanks again, 

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