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Awards Presented to Seidokan Aikido Site:
The Seidokan Aikido Site has been honored by receiving the below awards.
You can visit the Award's Site by clicking on the Award Image.
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Hi Yoav, 
Congratulations on winning the Best of the Web award! Because the award is very prestigious, that means that your site is one of the absolute best on the Internet. Many sites enter, but very few make the cut. Your site has met the award requirements for the bronze award.  This award symbolizes excellence and high quality standards, all demonstrated by your website. 
Again, we extend our sincerest congratulations to you for the hard work you invested in creating a successful website. 
(the bronze award is very difficult to win).
Hi Yoav;
Thanks for checking out my website and applying for an award :)
I visited your web site today and I think you have done a fantastic job!
Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with my TWO awards.
Faye-Linda McGovern
Chandra's Web Pages
Your site has been chosen as a winner of The Seasons of Change Bronze Award for March 2001.
I enjoyed my visit to your site.
Thanks for making the web a better place.
It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work into your web space.
Thank you for applying for the Seasons of Change Award and visiting my webpage.
Best Regards,
I enjoyed surfing your site, and 
I am sure everybody else will too.
****NWS AWARD****
Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and
I am sure everybody else will too.
Eric Nielsen
Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics
...we are proud to announce that you have won our BRONZE award in website design excellence.
 We know what we like and we liked what your site had to offer. 
Good luck in all that you do and again, CONGRATULATIONS for all of your hardwork. 
Graham House 
IME Design
Congratulations! You have won our BRONZE award! 
Well Done! Your web page was good in both design 
and content. Keep up the good work! 

Well done! 

Ellen Stafford 
Webkin Design

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