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Awards Presented to Seidokan Aikido Site:
The Seidokan Aikido Site has been honored by receiving the below awards.
You can visit the Award's Site by clicking on the Award Image.
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Rod 758 Award
Hi (ciao) Yoav 
Congratulations your site has been nominated and chosen to win the
"Rod 758 Award"!
This is NOT given to everyone, consider your Web Site something special!! 
Keep up the excellent work on your web-site,
I have really did enjoy my visit!! 
Congratulations again and best wishes,
You have won the "2000 Humming Good Page" Award in recognition of all your hard work in creating your page. This award has been redesigned for the new millennium and I am sure you will be proud to display it on your page!
Once again Congratulations!
Linda "The Orchid Lady"
Hi there Yoav,
I just got back from visiting your site and thought it was great!  You have managed to combine cool content, neat graphics, and easy navigation into a site which has been a pleasure to visit.  So...
Congratulations!!!!  You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design. Please wear our award with pride as your page deserves it! Good luck and continued success with your wonderful site!
You have won my Fantastic Site Award for your website.
I found your site pleasing, well-organized, easy to navigate and recoginized the hard work that you have put into it.
Hello again Yoav, 
I'm pleased to send along the "Webmaster's" site award and praise you on the many changes you have made to the look and layout of your worthy home on the web.
Be well and as before, continued success into the future.
Regards, Ted Miller
Scorpioiste Award
Hi & Congrats' 
A Great Site and a worthy winner. 
Keep it real and once again - great site. 
Best Regards
Congratulations! I have visited your web site and found it to meet thecriteria of our Hawk award.

High Density Computing

Your website has given much pleasure to our Evaluators during the evaluation process. We are fully aware that much time and effort goes into the creation of websites. We thank you for inviting us to visit with you and for your assisting through your website to make the World Wide Web a pleasant area. CONGRATULATIONS
Regards - Rhonda Otakou New Zealand

CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award

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