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Awards Presented to Seidokan Aikido Site:
The Seidokan Aikido Site has been honored by receiving the below awards.
You can visit the Award's Site by clicking on the Award Image.
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Please accept this award of excellence for your informative and most interesting site.  Your skills are numerous and I applaud your personal feelings along with your dynamic page design.
You have put a tremendous amount of work and skill into creating a most enjoyable and informative site for the world to view.
Thank you.
*sunshine smiles*
Dear Yoav...
I'm very pleased to present your site with this
"Award Of Excellence"... 
keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Janis
Designs By Janis - Graphic Shoppe
Hello Yoav, 
I'm pleased to send along the "Personal" site award and praise you on the many changes you have made to the look and layout of your
worthy home on the web.
Be well and as before, continued success into the future.
Regards, Ted Miller
Dear Yoav,
I have just been exploring your fine web-site,
one worth many visits.
Here, with my best wishes, is the Odonata Award for Excellence. Your site has already been listed on my DL links page, in the 'special' section.
Jackie Atkinson
Thank you for applying for my award.. It is my pleasure to present you with my Award of Excellence, for a job well done..

Best Wishes,

Hello Yoav,
Here is your Award for your
very interesting web site. 
With Warmest Regards,
Susan Helene
Creator of "Old Souls Station"
Your site is very well thought out, informative, very navigable, as well as entertaining.
Many seek good nights and lose good days.
Larry Gauthier
Your site was very well designed, easy to navigate, and contains lots of great information!
Thank you again for the opportunity to view and and judge your site on excellence.
You have done a great job!!
Please accept my award of
"Touched My Heart".
Keep up the good work!
Beth   :)
Hi Yoav;
Thanks for checking out my website and applying for an award :)
I visited your web site today and I think you have done a fantastic job!
Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with my TWO awards.
Faye-Linda McGovern
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