This is a fantastic website. I love the video clips because it really gives you a little glimpse of Aikido.

I also have a website for my Ninjutsu school. It's located at R I To Shin Do and our school is called Rhode Island To Shin Do. We are located in the USA. I was wondering if you could add my website to your links section. I won't be offended if you don't because I realize that you study Aikido and you might want to keep everything aikido related. This is my first website and I hope to one day make my site more interactive with video clips and all like you have. I'm learning more about website design everyday now so hopefully my site will contain as much info as yours one day.

Once again I want to say great website,
Now I realize how much time it takes to get a site up after doing it myself recently.

Thank you for your time.
                                           Travis R.