I just found your web page, which I really enjoyed. It is an excellent site. My
15 year old son and I started studying Aikido. I encouraged my son to start because he was getting pushed around a lot, he no longer has such problems. (His self-confidence has certainly developed.)  So far we have been studying for a year (but I think that we are hooked.)

I trained previously in Shotokan (many years ago) and always wished to study a
softer art. Now we are kind of hooked. I find Aikido practice can be a real
exercise in politeness, and the philosophy is a wonderful approach to life.

It is great to see that there are quite a few Aikido schools in Israel. It would
seem to be a great tool to bridge the gap between men. Aikido teaches us to respect
all people, however its effectiveness is that it is practiced constantly, physically as well as mentally, as an exercise - which makes it a part of us.

        Chag Kasher V'Sameach