"I'd just like to say that you have a great site, with tons of great videos,
pics, and information. I have just created a new site, Jubei's Martial Arts
Video Links, which is a listing of martial arts sites with video clips. I
did this because no one has thought of making a site such as this yet, and
because it is really hard to find martial arts video clips on the net.

I have already listed your site in there because it is such a good resource.
All I am asking is if you can put a link button on your main page. If not,
its ok ;^)

I'm registering my site with over 200 search engines (says the folks at my
host) so we should all get some xtra traffic. I plan on starting some other
martial arts sites as well under the planetjubei.com network.

you can view your listing here at: http://www.planetjubei.com/mavideos

(please note that this site is still not officially up, so the forms don't
work yet.)

Let me know if you are interested!

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