Yoav Rosental,

Congratulations, your site "Seidokan Aikido" has been selected for the
Enlight'n The Martial Arts award. The Judges were very impressed with
your site and had no hesitations in awarding it to you. A comment from one
of the judges,"What a great way to illustrate the way
of peace and harmony (Aikido). The splash page uses the perfect background,
blue skies and white clouds. This web site is very well put together and
contains all

of the characteristics of our award. Great job to the web master!
Ueshiba Sensei would be very pleased!!!"

Please maintain the standard set out in the award application, thank you and
keep up the excellent work.

Yours in the Martial Arts,
GKMA President

Gecko Martial Arts
"All Martial Artist Welcome to come and share."