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Awards Presented to Seidokan Aikido Site:
The Seidokan Aikido Site has been honored by receiving the below awards.
You can visit the Award's Site by clicking on the Award Image.
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Hello Yoav Rosental We have reviewed your website and am pleased to announce that you qualify for our White Tiger Kenpo Award of Excellence. Not many websites win our award, because they either do not meet our minimum requirements or they are shabbily done.
Yours however is a job well done.
Congratulations Sensei Conroy, Roku Dan
Hello Yoav Rosental, I admire your hard work and dedication, not only to your sport, but also to your website, which in and of itself speaks volumes... Your pages show great skill in layout and design. Well thought out, and 
easily navigated. Content is both interesting, and educational. I found no broken links or images on the entire site! It is rare to see such a carefully planned, and well -executed site. Thank you for the invitation. It is my pleasure to present you with an award for all your hard work. Sincerely, Selah 
Your site has won the
Florida Martial Arts Award of Excellence! 
Congratulations and thank you for your contribution to the martial arts community.
Keep up the good work! 
Best Regards, 
Marcos Avellan
Congratulations, your site "Seidokan Aikido" has been selected for the Enlight'n The Martial Arts award. The Judges were very impressed with your site and had no hesitations in awarding it to you. A comment from one of the judges,"What a great way to illustrate the way of peace and harmony (Aikido). The splash page uses the perfect background, blue skies and white clouds. This web site is very well put together and contains all of the characteristics of our award. Great job to the web master! 
Ueshiba Sensei would be very pleased!!!"
Congratulation !
You site has been selectionned as one of the finest Martial Arts Sites of the web by ALMA Martial Arts Award Board.
Your URL will be added in our 
"Awarded Master Sites" page.
Once again, congratulation and keep up this great job! 
ALMA Award Board.

Excellent work with the web page! Congratulations, you have won the martial art stars web site award!

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